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K9Raw™ Testimonials

Dear friends,

December 8, 2012 my family welcomed Dante, an abused, homeless yet gentle Rhodesian Ridgeback in to our hearts and home....Soon it was apparent he was a VERY sick boy.

He was suffering from Systemic Lupus and mega esophagus, he was in chronic pain, couldn't walk, and his digestive system was in total distress. The gas he constantly produced was unbearable. He went from 85lbs down to 68lbs over the next two months with us and was on complete bed rest. The stress of another move caused an acute attack that almost killed him.

I decided that along with all the TLC, medicinal, and round the clock care, it just wasn't enough, I had to do something to more to help him...I also had to rethink his diet. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder, as such I thought it would be best to pull all the processed, unnatural food from his diet.

We switched from my cooked homemade food mixed with high quality kibble - to a RAW food diet, BARF specifically.

Today Dante is in remission and is positively a different dog. Although he has his limitations, he is at a heathy weight, his coat glistens and those horrible gas issues have completely vanished. His muscle tone has returned and he looks amazing. He loves his RAW food diet with all the enthusiasm he can muster.

His brother and sister have reaped the benefits of a RAW food diet change as well, their teeth sparkle, they are ultra healthy, energetic and have the healthiest coats I have ever seen on a dog.

Thank you Brenda for all your support, encouragement and superior quality RAW food. I couldn't have made this transition without you.

Jennifer Semach

Even my two other pups knew something was horribly wrong

Preparing my children for the worst

Saying goodbye

Today, we've been given the greatest gift of all...more time.

Please consider a rescue dog.

"The puppy is doing great on Raw and wow my old boy Otis is a new Dog! Way more energy, what was obvious joint pain and stiffness is now almost non existent! and its only been a month. Cant wait to see the changes after a few months. Why didn't I do this 7 Years ago? Thanks K9 Raw!"

Bethaney K Taylor

Hey All,

I wanted to let you all know that I have gotten two deliveries now from Brenda and Mike at K9Raw™ and their quality is absolutely amazing! Customer service is excellent as well. I am just so impressed with this company that is all locally sourced. The quality is very impressive and prices are excellent.

I can end up feeding A LOT of dogs this time of year with so many sled dog seizures going on in Qc and Northern Ontario. I can get an emergency call at any time to have dogs dropped off at my place and Mike has been a doll with super fast deliveries for me. And again the quality is amazing!

Also I don't mind having deliveries dropped off at my house for anyone that is further away. I am in Sutton. Their website is for anyone that is interested. I have nothing to do with this company other than being a very very happy customer :)


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